The Prophetic Collective: Folks Need a Place to Stay


I was invited a little while back by Trey Lyon to be one of the founding writers for a new writing collective called The Prophetic Collective. I’m glad to be a part of this new site and hope you’ll take some time to go and read not only my first contribution, but also some of the other articles already there. They picked up one of my stories for their website yesterday evening. I first published it in May of 2013 for the Third Chance Ministries newsletter and website, but go on over to their site to read it for yourself.

…Quite regularly, people gifted food and clothing to Roland which made it possible for him to survive many of the harder days. Yet, often in short supply were friends and relationships—people who sought him out simply to share an afternoon lazily talking about both things that matter immensely and things that don’t matter in the slightest. That’s how we met him and became fast friends—one of us sat down beside him on one of the very first “roving feasts,” and introduced ourselves, saying “I’m going to eat lunch and was wondering if you’d like to join me…

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