An Update on Third Chance Ministries

The end of year tax-deductible donation letters went out in the mail last week. If you donated to Third Chance Ministries in 2013 and you’ve not yet received you letter, then be on the lookout for it soon. We could not have done all that we did in 2013 without your support–your support of us with your prayers, your support of us with your generous donations, and your support of us with your voice when you shared our newsletter with others and invited us to come and speak to congregations and groups with which you are affiliated. The past year was an amazing success and an incredible adventure to take with you and we not only give thanks for what has passed, but also we wait with eager anticipation for what is yet to come in 2014.

In 2013, the staff of Third Chance Ministries expanded to include three new staff members. In January of 2013, we added Bruce Hopson to our staff as a Missionary to the Northside of Danville. In July of 2013, we added Ben Wright at our Missionary to Downtown Danville. In August of 2013, we added Tracy Gwynn as our Administrative Assistant. These new staff members are changing the neighborhoods in which they live and serve by developing new, indigenous leaders, advocating for justice in their midst, providing pastoral care and active listening, feeding and clothing those most in need, and providing hospitality out of their own homes and spaces. With your support, we are having strong, positive impacts and seeing results from our deep engagement and investment in these areas of profound need. Around our missionaries, we’re seeing communities spring up and neighborhoods that are contributing from their own limited supplies in order to be a part of the ministry that is going on in their midst.

In short, because of the movement of God’s Spirit, because of your support and generosity, because of the willingness of missionaries (both paid and unpaid), and because of the support of Grace and Main Fellowship and its ministry, the Kingdom of God is moving in unexpected and lovely places.

Slightly over 85% of donations made to Third Chance Ministries were made by individuals and families–many of whom are committed to being “sustaining partners.” It is because of our sustaining partners, that we were able to bring on additional staff this year to focus in the areas where have focused. Becoming a sustaining partner is simple: call, email, or write Joshua (3CM’s Executive Director) and give him an estimate of what you’d like to donate over the next year and how often you plan on writing a check (or having your bank automatically write one). By doing this, you allow us to budget based on your generosity and to make some predictions about the next few years. Most of our supporters do this already with some writing monthly checks and others writing one check a year.

A little over 14% of donations made to Third Chance Ministries in 2013 were made by congregations, organizations, and businesses who have seen the work we’re doing and want to be a part of it. Some of the congregations connected with us have seen growth among their leaders by being involved in our hands-on and deeply personal way of doing things. By being involved with Grace and Main Fellowship and Third Chance Ministries, these organizations are entertaining brave discussions of what it means to be a missional organization in the 21st century and we are glad to have them as partners with us. We’re also glad to partner with your congregation or organization. Just call, email, or write us and let us know that you’d like for one of us to come and speak to your organization or to sit down and discuss ways we can partner together.

Here’s a few of the things that we did in 2013 that you were able to join us in doing by your generosity:

  • Organized and developed a “tool library” to provide lawnmowers, weed whackers, hand tools, personal protective equipment, and a workshop to those who would use the tools to find work and to earn a living. It’s used nearly every day of the year.
  • Grace and Main’s Roving Feast, with the assistance of Third Chance Ministries staff members, provided over 6,000 meals downtown and on the Northside on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Grace and Main’s Wednesday morning Northside breakfast provided over 2,200 meals on Wednesday mornings under the direct leadership of Third Chance Ministries staff. We’re hoping to start a downtown Wednesday morning breakfast in 2014.
  • Our Northside community coffee pot provided over 750 gallons of coffee in the cold times of 2013, while we passed out even more water, kool-aid, and lemonade on the hot days. We’re hoping to start a downtown community coffee pot in 2014.
  • Our Community Artisan Fair organized local artisans and craftpersons to provide local, alternative gifts for those who were buying Christmas presents.
  • Develop dozens of new relationships, while maintaining the ones we already had, with the homeless, near-homeless, poor, addicted, and hungry
Thank  you so much for all of your support. Next month, you can expect to see another story from our work.

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